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“Horses 101” for children

We are introducing a series of classes for children 5 years and older. On Saturday, your child can enjoy life on a horse farm for six weeks, have a fun-filled learning adventure about horses, and gain a sense of responsibility by helping with barn chores.

When they attend the series they will receive gifts including a educational coloring book about ponies, graduation t-shirt, personalized diploma card, and a coupon for a discounted riding lesson.

They will watch as a farrier puts new shoes on a horse!

And finally, but not least, they will tack up and go for a ride. If this sounds like fun for your little one, sign up with us by May 7th.

All classes will be held on Saturday from 12- 2 PM.

Let's scoop out some grain for the horses.

Class 1: May 14

Class 2: May 21

Class 3: June 4

Class 4: June 18

Class 5: June 25

Class 6: July 2

Are you ready to go for a ride???

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  1. Theresa Boshoff says:

    Question, would this be a good point to start with older kids (mine are 13-15) but have no experience.

    1. Yes this would be a good point to start for older kids, but keep in mind this series is geared toward younger children, so some of the souvenirs will be for smaller children, like the coloring book, etc. A young child, as well as an adult would gain a lot of experience by attending these classes. If your children would like to ride horses, this is a very good way to introduce them to horses.

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