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2015 Summer Recap

Summer is definitely over now, which to us horse people means more riding time! Once it is cooler, we won’t have to avoid the heat of the day. Despite the heat, we had a great summer here at Miller Horse Farm. Take a look at our recap.

The main activity was our awesome summer camp. During summer vacation we took over 120 kids! They learned how to care for and identify types of horses as well as ride them. The kids also enjoyed all kinds of outdoor activities, especially water games, every afternoon.


Click here to view the photo album.


Lonestar received the honor of being in this couple’s wedding pictures. But then things got interesting, and good old Cisco had to take over. He let the bride ride him forwards and the groom ride him backwards! (Only Cisco, in all the world, could handle a big fluffy dress and veil on his back.)


Click here for some beautiful pictures.


Our eventing riders attended the Coconino Horse Trials in Flagstaff, AZ. The weather was pleasant and the woods were a nice change.


Click here for more pictures of our champions!

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