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Burrito and his big friend, Roany

Burrito and Roany

Burrito is a darling miniature donkey that lives at Miller Horse Farm.  He lives with his stablemate Roany and they are inseparable.  Burrito is quite a mischievous little character.  One of these days we’ll post a video of him playing with our little stable dog, Tumble.

Hi, I'm Burrito and I have lived at Miller Horse Farm since it opened.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Burrito, you are a star !

  2. Kathy says:

    Dear Burrito, Thanks for being such a good friend to Roany. He worked hard for many years and I understand he is very attached to you. Roany likes his place of retirement and I’m sure he is glad to have a pal like you.

    From Roany’s friends at the racetrack.

  3. Vet Office says:

    Stay cool !!!!

  4. Donny says:

    Dear Burrito, Thanks for being such a good pal to Roany.


  5. Hillary says:

    Hey Burrito! Pass the salsa!

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