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Are you ready for the “FARMFIT CHALLENGE”?

Farmfit Challenge

Saturday, October 1st

We are inviting you to take your fitness to the farm and put it to the test!! The folks at Miller Horse Farm will also be competing.

Join Crossfit El Paso and Miller Horse Farm. You will compete in a series of events doing daily farm tasks to challenge your fitness. Find out what your work capacity really is!!

This event is also fund raiser to help save the local farmers who are suffering because of the economy and drought. All that is asked is that you buy a t-shirt. The $25 proceeds will be donated to local farmers around the area. Any additional donations are also appreciated.

How would you feel if you had to pay $6 for a gallon of milk and the price of steak went up to $10 a pound? By helping preserve our precious local farm lands, YOU, YES YOU, can help prevent this from happening. Most of you city folk are unaware of the vast acreage of farmland right here in the Mesilla Valley. One of these precious crops is alfalfa, the feed we give to our cattle, which the local dairies purchase from our local farmers. By forcing farmers to purchase alfalfa from out of state, and with gas prices as high as they are, this makes producing your precious milk more expensive for the farmer and therefore your milk will cost more. It is simple mathematics. Your participation and support of our farm fit event will help to provide the much needed money allowing the local farmers to build wells, pay for gas to run their wells, and cultivate their land. You will be exposed to a precious and often unappreciated part of our existence. Without farms there is no food, no milk and no you. Milk doesn’t come from Wal-mart it comes from cows that live on a farm. If nothing else you should have appreciation for how much work really goes into producing our food.

To sign up contact CrossFit El Paso.

By the way, we will be celebrating Octoberfest with some good-old fashion country cooking. This will be a family event. We will have activities for all ages. So bring out the whole family.

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